Kyle 凯 Obermann 欧阳

Exploration for Conservation || 为了保护自然而去探险



I'm an environmental explorer, photographer and writer based in China. Most of my work is east of the Hu Line. Most people know this region as "Tibet," but it's much more.

I am currently in the middle of a year-long project documenting grassroots environmental movements in China's Hengduan Mountains, one of the least explored and most ecologically interesting areas in the world. In 2017 I was awarded the WildChina Explorer Grant for this project and am working with The North Face to bring awareness and gear to those back country conservationists who need it most.

No matter where in the world, my work focuses on #explorationforconservation, or showcasing humans in nature and the ability of explorers to make a positive impact on the lands they explore rather than just achieve new records. As we face an unclear future of dynamic environmental change, the majority of which are negative and not completely understood, we must directly link the practice with exploring wild places with that of protecting them."Because they are there," is no longer enough. They are at serious risk of not "being there" if we do nothing.

Previously I have worked, consulted, and shot assignments with Conservation International, The North Face, WildChina, The Explorers Club, China Mountain Trail, Peking University Environmental Public Policy Research Institute, Shanshui Conservation Center, Chinese National Astronomy, REI, The Outbound Collective, Volvo, and many more international organizations working with exploration and conservation of vital lands. 

If you want to join or support me in my work please reach out. I am always looking to explore more stories and reach greater audiences.